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  1. Haven't heard anything back from them yet.
  2. Waitlisted, and all positions have been filled

    Thank you for your advice!!
  3. Hello All! If anyone got an acceptance from Boston University and is planning on not attending, could you please inform them of your decision asap (preferably before April 15)? I'm #1 on the waitlist, and am dying to go. It would mean the world to me! Thank you!!
  4. Hello all! So, I have recently been waitlisted by BU for their sociology program for Fall 2017. I received an email from the graduate school saying that while all positions for the new cohort have been filled, they would keep me on the waitlist in case the situation changes. My question is, what are the chances of getting off the waitlist (I am currently the #1 on the waitlist), when they have said all the positions have been filled? And does this mean that everyone has accepted the offer for Fall 2017 and therefore cannot back out? Also, is it possible for people to back out after they have accepted the offer? I am nervously waiting till April 15, hanging on to the hope that someone accepts an offer elsewhere and I get in, as it is my top choice. Thanks for all your input!