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  1. Calculus and Econ tune-ups

    This is excellent. Thank you !
  2. SAIS IDev or SIPA MDP

    Go for the cheapest.
  3. Fletcher vs. Georgetown GHD

    Thank you for the input, certainly some wise words there. I guess part of me was worried about being able to tap into the SFS network as I would not be part of the MSFS program. Anyway, thank you!
  4. Fletcher vs. Georgetown GHD

    I know that forum users ask this question all the time. But I am completely stuck and have made no progress in my decision. So I am turning to the users of the gradcafe who, from what I have read, seem to be pretty knowledgeable in this field. I am primarily interested in international development (this is the background I am coming from). Also I visited both admitted student days but still have no idea what to do. My two offers: Fletcher - MALD - all included will graduate with approx. $50k debt. Pros: Strong academics, Fletcher alumni network, well established program, classes at Harvard & MIT, flagship program of Fletcher, research focused professors, careers trips to DC & NYC. Cons: Location - Boston isn't really the center of international development, lack of interesting work opportunities during the semester, and a relatively large program. Georgetown - Global Human Development - all included will graduate with approx. $30K debt. Pros: Location - DC.., professional focus, small cohort (could be a positive or negative), close knit feel between faculty and students, faculty are well connected to the development World. Cons: Not always professional academic teachers (i.e. they are focused sometimes more on their work at the WB or USAID), faculty connections are focused on American institutions (I am an international student), relatively new program. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it a lot. I know I am extremely lucky to have been made such good offers, but I am totally stuck. Thank you GC community!