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  1. Have you joined now? An email with the link was sent out last week
  2. I will look for the group on fb
  3. I decided to chose JHU SAIS over Berkeley and Columbia. Based on program fit.
  4. Thanks a lot @RS- Tz and @letterstocleo
  5. So the external scholarship didnt work out. I am now stuck between SIPA MDP prog and SAIS IDev.
  6. Hello guys, am lost in thought. I need to decide urgently. I got same amount of funding for both - 30k for 2 years so 15k/year SAIS is $47k and SIPA is $58 tuition per year. I want to be a development practitioner, solving development issues in less developed communities/countries. Interests: poverty and economic development. What's your take??? ?
  7. Yes. I filled a form too. Have you gotten a feedback?
  8. SAIS? The school you are talking about
  9. Yes. I want to take Econs courses ahead
  10. How was Berkeley’s Open House? Did you go? What do you love about Berkeley's MDP prog.
  11. Is the foundation class online or in-person?
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