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  1. That's such a bummer, especially as I have international travel already lined up. I totally understand why schools are doing this, but to decide the next 6+ years without seeing schools is going to be really tough!
  2. No insight, but was also offered admittance into this program. I already have a master's so it's making me think they didn't even read my application in full
  3. Does anyone know if University of Chicago sends rejections in waves? Still waiting on confirmation of a decision from them.
  4. me! heard back from DGS after I sent an email asking about timelines for notifications
  5. No answer for you, but I checked my own account and saw the same missing information. I last checked the portal last week and didn't see this. From what I know Chicago doesn't require official transcripts unless you get accepted? Not to get mine or anyone's hopes up, because there is no status change to my application, so I really am not sure why it has changed on the portal.
  6. Wisconsin rejections are coming in full swing! Looks like I am amongst that number. As to be expected.... now to continue the waiting game for Chicago and NYU!
  7. Can I ask who your POI is at NYU? I’m also applying to the Joint program. You can PM me
  8. To the poster on the results page asking about the NYU Joint French Studies/History program: all of the decisions get made at the IFS, and then get sent to the Hist department to get approved and it is my impression that no decisions have gone out for the joint program yet.
  9. Pretty bummed about the radio silence from Wisconsin, but also not surprised considering both of the people I would most want to work with will be retiring in the next 5-7 years, and thus my POI wasn't as strong of a match. Probably more bummed about not hearing from University of Chicago, which I did feel was a great fit!
  10. Another Chicago acceptance was posted! Would love to know what region/time period the acceptances are in. I felt Chicago was a bit of a reach for me, but still anxious to hear back.
  11. Just received my first acceptance from Ohio State University! Received a nice email and then a congratulatory follow up email from my POI later in the day. I know I should respond within the next 24 hours at least acknowledging the acceptance, but also am not sure how to go about it since I will obviously be waiting for a decision until I hear back from the other schools. How does one go about responding to these emails? I'm super excited for my first offer, I certainly did not expect to hear back so soon!
  12. Having not done an honors thesis, or 25 page research paper in undergrad, this is why I think I'm not qualified, even though he is recommending them. Only thing keeping me is it's not a part of this masters program- there is a research paper at the end, but not a large thesis paper. @Sigaba While I know I could possibly benefit from a year off, I'm just not sure what job I would do as a hold over in the meantime. I certainly wouldn't be doing another masters.
  13. The program is only one year, so I'll be graduating in late July, when we finish our masters examinations. There is no big thesis paper, but there is a less substantial research paper at the end- either way, I'd be using a writing sample from undergrad that got me into this grad program.
  14. Hi everyone! Long time lurker over the past few years here and there. Looking to apply this cycle to at least two schools, and then if I don't get in, try again next year. (I'll explain this theory in a bit). Educational background: History and International Studies with French Minor undergrad at Texas A&M University in 2017 (3.97 GPA) , took the GRE have okay scores (164 verbal 150 quant, 4.5 writing- terrible I know, all I can say is I took it at a rough time), but I'm told by my current adviser they don't look at that at all, just want to make sure you have it. They really only care abo
  15. Were you accepted for the French or the French studies masters? Trying to figure out when they will start sending out acceptances for the French Studies
  16. I've just applied to the NYU master program and am interested to hear the negative side. I haven't been able to find much information anywhere by students who have actually done the program! Would you mind pm-ing me? I'd like to get a well rounded opinion in the merits or mroe specifcally demerits of the program! Currently doing the TAPIF program this year and trying to plan my next step.
  17. All of your responses have been super duper helpful and I really appreciate it! Just a quick side bar though, you mentioned you laugh history and geography- teaching is actually the other route I'm trying to go through. I'm not sure where you're from, but was that a part of your undergrad degree or did you go through some sort of alternative certification?
  18. I certainly appreciate both views and this is why I am taking a year off (or more) after undergrad. I think reading is a great suggestion, and definitely something I'll strive to undertake this summer and upcoming year as I work!
  19. New to this site, but have seen a lot of helpful posts so far. So I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to apply for a History MA for next year (Fall 2018). (Not super interested in PhD at this moment in time, but I love learning and want to further my education) Educational History: Will graduate in like 2 weeks with a BA in History and International Studies with a minor in French, with a 3.96 GPA from a pretty well known top 100 nation school) and will be taking the GRE soon. The problem of looking into Grad Schools is of course finding one that matches with your interest
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