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  1. No I’m not sure where i am on the that information schools typically share. I’m staying on since most schools don’t need to hear back for a while
  2. people actually get accepted off of the waitlist...or is this just a delayed drawn out rejection?!?!?
  3. Tyler...anyone have their TUportal change?
  4. Anyone interview at Tyler and receive a rejection?...wondering how to interprit the radio scilence
  5. Damn wonder if this means rejections for all the rest of us?...
  6. Congrats. How and when were you notified. That's a great problem to have but i see how it can be super stressful!
  7. all of your SAIC tuition is going to sending out these Graduate catalogs...I've literally gotten 3.
  8. Right. I think it went pretty well. I def fell in love with the school and Philly a lot more after visiting...happy I went...something tells me within the next couple days we will have some information
  9. its nerve how do you feel about your interview
  10. Anyone got an official rejection from Columbia
  11. Rejected for the SAIC MFA but an offer to be considered instead for their post baccalaureate program? Is this common for schools? Sounds cool...but with other acceptances under my seems...Iunno...I guess I see the pros and cons
  12. When and how do rejections come out?...So people without access to this forum who haven’t received interviews are rejected and just don’t know it? seems like a school wouldn’t want to delay the process