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  1. Eleanor1985

    Repaying Research Grant?

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. My travel dates have passed, and even though I tried for some refunds, I basically got <$100 of the total cost. I do not think worse timing could have happened. My advisor/department have been supportive so far, and it seems like the grant might not even come up. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that a leave of absence does not put funding for when I return in jeopardy.
  2. Eleanor1985

    Repaying Research Grant?

    Hey All, I'm in a bit of a tough spot. My graduate school awarded me a pre-dissertation research grant, basically a modest amount to fund a 4 week trip to foreign archives. Unfortunately in the days immediately before the trip I had a family concern escalate quickly from problem to crisis and was unable to go on my trip. I tried to rearrange, etc., but was not able to do even that, and it quickly became possible I could not have gone in any case. Refunds of the travel costs are unlikely. Beyond this, I am going to need to take a leave of absence for at least this upcoming academic year. I need to inform my dept ASAP, but how is this likely to play out? I don't think the leave of absence will be a problem. My financial situation, though, is precarious enough and I am worried thy are going to expect me to return the grant money. Thanks!
  3. Eleanor1985

    Imposter's Syndrome and Languages

    I hope this does not constitute taking over the thread (I'm a bit new around here!), apologies if it does! But I have a follow-up question. I can read without any trouble in my primary research language, but have great difficulty with speaking and listening. I am wondering how that works in overseas archives? I am doing pre-diss research abroad this summer, and while I am confident I can handle any documents I encounter, I am very nervous about interacting with archivists. If people are not willing to slow down when talking to me (and I understand they are not obligated to do so),it will be near to impossible for me to keep up with them or understand enough to respond. This does not concern me at restaurants, shops, etc., but I am worried about the archives. Is this fairly common?
  4. Hi All, I am currently in the process of selecting fellowships to apply to for my dissertation research years, and also scouting fellowships for the dissertation completion year. My advisor has encouraged me to apply widely, and to include diversity fellowships on my list. I am a first-generation/non-traditional student and overcame significant economic and social barriers to get where I'm at today, but do not identify as a member of an underrepresented racial or ethnic group. My advisor has pointed to several fellowships that do, however, encourage applications from first generation students. I do think my present institution (an Ivy) sorely lacks any conversation about economic diversity and the way it intersects with other underrepresented categories.. It has been a brutal process acclimating to the norms and unwritten/unspoken rules of this place coming from where I come from, In my (fingers crossed!) future in academia I hope to use those experiences to serve all students who do not traditionally end up in academia. At the same time, I know my experience has been different, and I would say easier, because there is not anything that immediately marks me as "underrepresented." I am just curious how others view the possibility of diversity fellowships being given to first-generation students who do not identify as members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups? Is it fairly common for first generation students to apply for these? Can I just add this to the list of things no one ever tells you but everyone seems to know about academia? Thanks!

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