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  1. That doesn't seem that high really. My faculty receives 33 OGS and 7 QEII and most of my department (there are 4 departments total) gets rejected or waitlisted. It could just be that there was a more competitive pool of applicants this year.
  2. I just got mine but am confused by the scores. Are they out of 100? Is the average score the score we got?
  3. UW. We all got an email from graduate studies financial office today.
  4. Yea I would have been much happier if they could have sent an email on the 28 saying "offers of funding will be sent by email to succesful applicants on March 29. Non succesful applicants will be mailed information about their rankings"
  5. My grad office said that anyone who did not receive an email was not successful and more information on our ranking will be mailed to us.
  6. Nothing. I have personally given up on hearing back though.
  7. Does anyone know how successful it is if you get waitlisted? I.e. is there any hope of getting it still even on waitlist?
  8. What does the Twitterverse say? I don't Twitter at all. And yes, I personally have accepted the fact that I did not get an award and am putting my hopes onto OGS/QEII
  9. Sent my first email at 11:40, got a reply 2 hours later. Sent another inquiry to the reply and got auto-replied again.
  10. Get prepared for the autoresponse and then a legendary blue text reply!!
  11. That's better than rejection at least! This is looking grim for those of us who have not heard though
  12. That would be unusual. From my understanding in the past it was always just rankings by mail, decision by email. And then what about wait listed people? They just sit in limbo? EDIT: Just got reply back from them with the legendary blue text stating that results were mailed on Friday. I have replied back asking if we should not be expecting email results then and am now waiting to hear back.
  13. Did they say if they knew what was going on with all of this mess? If we don't have an email does that mean we got rejected?
  14. Or how hard would it be for them to send an e-mail before releasing results to at least say "Results will be released over these days in random order" or whatever so we at least have some idea of what's going on .
  15. I sent them an email just to add another +1 to the "where are my results". I feel bad about it since they could still be processed this afternoon but hey I suffered all weekend! They have autoreply set up so it wouldn't hurt but might not make a difference.
  16. This exactly. I am personally away for research until the end of the month. My mail is set to go to my mom's house but she's also away on vacation! So am I supposed to get her neighbour (who is collecting her mail for her) to open letters addressed to me? I know this is more so a personal issue but considering results have always been shared over email before and that's what we were told would happen (aside from the specific rankings that come out later in april) why should some of us be left in the dark?
  17. It definitely could be an easy mistake to make. I know from my work with my own mailing lists that it's very easy to think that an e-mail has gone out if you have them in the queue but in reality they haven't. Still super shitty that so many of us have no idea what's going on but I definitely have lost all hope now. I also tried emailing them and all I got was an auto reply, no special blue text for me.
  18. Institutions don't find out as quickly as the applicants do, there is somewhat of a lag time for this.
  19. Considering they tell institutions that decisions will be sent by e-mail they should do this. Getting results by mail isn't good for some of us. For example, I currently am away for research so won't have access to my mail for a few weeks still.
  20. Has anyone tried calling them? Hmmmmm. Email might not be the best route if they have auto reply setup
  21. Great, I will try emailing in a bit. Did you point out that you didn't receive any decision notice?
  22. Are you going to try clarifying about what it means if we didnt get a decision notice? Which email are you sending it to?
  23. Did you reply inquiring about emailed results or have you just given up on them? Haha. Also which email did you send to?
  24. Same. I would have thought that they would have been at the top of the "To do" list starting at 9 am today... but I guess not.
  25. Do we think they are actually going to send the rest of them out today?
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