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  1. I haven't decided yet. The school can only reimburse me $100 and since I'm coming from Georgia, it'll be a lot more money than that (and more money than I can spend right now). I am still waiting to hear back from another school about funding + stipend to make the final decision about whether or not I should go to the campus visit at SB.
  2. That's cool, and thanks, I will. To be honest, I think I'll probably be attending Berkeley, since my research interests would be better served there. I am not crossing off SB just yet though.
  3. I was accepted into Stony Brook's WGSS phd program and that's the only WGSS program I've heard back from. I was also accepted into Berkeley's Ethnic Studies phd program, and UT Texas's Latin American Studies masters. I'm expecting a rejection from Rutgers's WGSS program because some of my classmates were already contacted for interviews, etc.
  4. That's amazing! Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your Emory interview and the rest of the applications. I'm hoping to be in your shoes (knowing that I've gotten in somewhere) in the next few weeks D: fingers crossed for all of us
  5. Do you mind sharing what WGSS programs you applied for and which ones you've heard back from?
  6. I applied to 8 programs (3 gender studies), and haven't heard anything from any of them. I know it's still fairly early in the process, but I'm at the point where I've convinced myself I won't get in anywhere, lmao. I thought the anxiety would decrease significantly once turning in applications but it's actually been the exact opposite.
  7. Hi! Good luck with your applications! I wish I could answer some of your questions, but alas. I'm currently finishing my undergraduate in Atlanta so if you have any questions about the city, lmk! I also know two people who went on to do their WGSS phd at Emory. I've heard mixed things, mostly having to do with the department's (or maybe the school's?) racism, but I also know someone who feels pretty content there because the faculty's research matches their own... I'm applying to 5 gender and sexuality studies programs and a few others (ethnic studies, latin american studies, and american studies). I've gotten different advice about the number of applications to aim for, but I'm taking my professor's advice to apply to as many as I can afford/handle. My max is ten though, just because of the money... I'm applying to Stony Brook, UT Austin, University of Washington, Depaul, Rutgers, Berkeley, NYU, Brown and University of Illinois. My current interests vary from latinx studies, immigration/borderlands, affect theory, queer of color critique, queer temporality, neoliberalism (and biopolitics + sexual repression, etc). I would be more specific but I also don't wanna write my personal statements here, haha. If anyone else is interested in these topics, where are you applying?

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