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  1. Such an interesting question...Don`t you know what you want?...If you want to read a book, you do it, if you don`t want - you don`t. It`s the main life rule in any situation. You haven`t done anything that should make you feel uncomfortable. Good luck!
  2. Are you asking for an advice or it`s just only about speaking?
  3. As for me, if I am in a situation, where I don`t know what to do, I say true every time without any hesitations and I explain everything from the very beginning. People like the truth and they admire somebody`s explanations of the situation because of respect for them. Am I clear?:)
  4. It`s interesting to me how can it be easy to live without a car in such big cities like Chicago or NY? Can you explain me, please?:)
  5. 1. A writer. 2. HR manager. 3. Life coach. 4. A good wife!)))
  6. I agree with all of you! The significant thing about relations between two people is the respect! Before doing anything just think about a person who is near.)
  7. I think if you hate any part of your job it`s not your job! It`s only about hating because any work has to bring a pleasure. Only such kind of work can make you happy and then you will earn money anyway!)
  8. There are a few my own secrets...First of all, they have to understand you aren`t the one who they can walk over! It`s difficult but it`s a masterwork you have to acquire. More true grit! Don`t show them you can be convinced in an easy way! The second one is that they have to understand that you respect them. You are like them but not better! Don`t show them that they are worse. You are equal!
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