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  1. Hey Kat I would like to ask you about the Clinical program at UBC Oakanagan! I also saw that you have an ASL certification, do you think that helped you get in! I am hoping to do an immersion program but it looks like they don't have enough registrants... I am wondering if you can talk about your ASL experience as well.

    As for specific questions about UBC...

    How would you describe the graduate students’ relationship with faculty?

    Do graduate students receive an adequate amount of support, encouragement and constructive criticism?

    Do you feel like you received enough practical experience and opportunities to work?

    Why did you choose to pursue your MSW at this institution?

    If you could do anything over in your application process what would it be?

    Are there any faculty and/or staff members who you would suggest that I get to know if I end up pursuing graduate studies here?

    What are some things you wish you had known prior to beginning your graduate program?

    What does it take to succeed in the program? What are the characteristics of students who have typically done well in the program?


    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, if you could answer just a few questions it would really help!

  2. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hi Smntoronto, Thanks for creating this board! I was having trouble finding other applicants for 2018 and I thought I was being overly anxious! This is also my first time using Grad Cafe but it seems like a supportive community so I am super excited about that. I would saw that experience sounds awesome. I am personally a little nervous about my lack of experience in the social services as I come from a film background but I am hoping some of my differences will be an advantage as it will help me stand out a little. I think those who are in MSW programs currently could probably answer your questions best. What schools are you hoping to apply to?