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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here and my case is pretty weird I'm an International Student and I got denied from CSUDH for MA of Sociology program. And the reason is my TOEFL score is below the requirement. 1/ International notification: I got denied because my TOEFL score is below the requirement. However, I met others requirements so they advised me to study the Conditional Admission program. 2/ I double checked the English Proficiency requirement for International students and I submitted not only 1 English certificates but 2 (TOEFL: 80 and IELTS: 6.5). I argued with the International department about this problem and the admission evaluator responded to me that please disregard the notification about Conditional Admission program. She will contact with Sociology Department to check about my case. I also advised contacting with a Dr who is the Graduate program coordinator. I emailed him 3 times + 1 voice message and no reply since April 3/ Since there is no news from the school or the Dr so I came to the Sociology Department and requested the secretary to contact with the Dr to check about my case. I guess they have ignored me the whole time until I actually came to the school. After that, I got a notification from them that they will check about my case and update me shortly. Sorry for long post, do you guys think any chances for me? Fall 2017 semester will start in August and I really don't know what is my application status at this point....