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  1. Hi GradCafe! I recently gave the GRE General Test and scored: (Q:170 (97), V:155 (67), AWA: 4 (60)). As you can see the verbal and AWA scores are not top notch. I wanted to know what are my chances so that I can make an informed decision. I have a great GPA (3.988 / 4), doing B. Tech. CSE at a reputed college of India. I have a research internship and have also done some projects (one long research one) and small internships. I don't have any publications yet. I hope to get good LoRs too. The dilemma here is, I have been placed at a medium-high paying job to be started after my graduation. So my options are: 1. Give TOEFL, and apply for MS for Fall 18 2. Take the job and do for some years, and then apply for a MS/PhD later (this will add more work experience to the profile) 3. Anything else. The colleges I am currently looking at are UIUC, UWash, Cornell, Princeton and GeorgiaTech. Thanks
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