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  1. @taraw I'll be applying to Boston's online MSW for 2018. I have a 3.0 undergrad GPA and I work in a field that has absolutely nothing to do with social work, so I'm a little concerned about the app process. Would you mind sharing your app experience? Any tips? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm also looking at applying for Fall 2018, but I'll be looking at online programs. Can't quit my current job quite yet! I'm considered a non-traditional student - military for almost a decade, and then I went for my undergrad. I have a 3.0 in General Studies from Southern New Hampshire and my current job has absolutely nothing to do with social work, so I'm going to really have to play up my admissions essays. I've spoken to two programs so far - Simmons and Case Western. I plan on applying to a few others as well (Rutgers, Widener, and Indiana), with Virginia Commonwealth being the ideal target school since I fall under in-state tuition. (I'm in Northern VA.) Columbia's gonna be my dream school because, y'know, Ivy and all. So with all that being said - any recs on schools? Ultimately, I want a clinical track since my passion is in mental health counseling and advocacy, and I hope to get a counseling/psychology PhD years from now. Look forward to chatting with all the other 2018 applicants!
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