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  1. Thank you Taraw for posting. I am about to start Fall 1 and I am getting ready to begin my studies, so EXCITED! the more I think about it, I am very happy to have chose Boston. I keep hearing that although it is a part-time program, to not underestimate the workload. If you see this, could you share more on how your first semester has gone and what you would advice other students? Thanks again
  2. I am talking to a lonely board. I decided to post a response in an effort to help others, after all it is the field I am going into. Anyhow, I choose Boston...regrets? many since Columbia didn't even reply with a good luck and best of wishes. For all of those who are working on their MSW with family, there is something I learned during one of my volunteer assignments. Social Workers do not take care of themselves, get paid very little, and get dumped on with information they have to carry home. This is no different from grad school, I hope we all strive for our health, with the little time we have left to value and make decisions that fit us and our family. I will post my experiences every chance I get when I begin the program in fall.
  3. I agree, I just received my acceptance and was told by the admitting rep that I have to sign the paperwork, letting them know I am attending before the financial aid packet can be provided. Not cool or transparent.
  4. Stuck in the middle. Really like the clinical program for Boston, but Columbia is a huge name. Boston is a 3 year program and you can continue to work and volunteer Columbia you cannot work, the work-load is very intense. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I wish there was s forum where current students would chime in on there experiences. I see a lot of people posting but no actual peer to peer support thereafter.
  5. Having many shared sleepless nights about which is best. One provides many clinical courses, while the other provides more field work. I am in Southern California and it pays to go with big names like USC, and or locally with the Cal States. I am single mom and will be doing online program. Any advise about the programs. I noticed people asking the same question but not posting back. I wish this site had more support from students experiences with the programs they selected.
  6. Great supportive responses from everyone, thank you! As an update, I recently met up with a School Counselor who has her Masters in Counseling in School Social work. Here is the low down on this degree: Masters in Counseling (as some of you mentioned) is limited and MSW can pretty much do their work and more! once they become LCSW's which can easily replace any School Counselor who is limited by a counseling degree. The advise given: Get the MSW then do your clinical and as Adelaide9216 mentioned, try to find work within a school to get into school counseling. Thank you everyone for responding.
  7. I noticed you got into BU and graduated from there. How was your experience. I am looking to apply to the MSW Online program, any advise, pros and cons etc.? I'm in Southern California btw.

  8. I've facing the same dilemma but more so because of my age. There are many programs here in CA for Masters in Counseling, but I didn't see many job prospects. Could you enlighten on this?
  9. I am new to the Social Work field, recently completing my degree in Sociology and work as a secretary. I going all in and doing the online masters program this fall, but not sure which is best. I understand that MSW and MFTs are in demand but lately I've been offered and told about the increase need of School Social Workers. Almost all schools require a credential program to do this work. Any advise or input? One thread I did find on the topic noted that although there is a need, a Masters in School Counseling is not promising since jobs are very limited.
  10. I noticed you got no feedback, but is there any feedback you can provide? which did you finally choose and were you happy with your choice?
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