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  1. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    @CrystalGG, I'll direct message you some details!
  2. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    @rosekster, did you have any luck with contacting your host country? I'm considering doing the same.
  3. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    @rosekster, it would also be nice to have this information before we have to submit our Fellowship Status in May! Has anybody contacted the GRFP coordinators to see if they have a more specific timeframe they expect to have decisions by?
  4. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    @rosekster, I know right? Last year they didn't get decision until May (and the program solicitation says notifications are sent out in April or May). So it may be more like trying to get a visa in one month.
  5. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    Congrats @PlethoraOfPuppies!
  6. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    @Chocoloca, lol I'm in the same boat. My acceptance was announced to my entire university, and I am still getting congratulation emails about it. My family started planning an international trip to come visit me. My prospective host started to help secure a temporary job for my partner. Needless to say, I have a lot of awkward backpeddaling to do. Nothing left to do but to pour all of this emotional energy back into my research. Hopefully we will all be getting a second round of good news in the next month or so. I'll keep my eye on the forum if you still need more time to vent though
  7. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    Yikes! I just received an email from Gisele Muller-Parker saying that everyone's applications were accepted in error, despite no final decisions actually being made!?
  8. roadrunner797

    NSF GRIP/GROW (2017-2018)

    I also received the great news last night (Netherlands). ik ben zo opgewonden! My host has not received notice from the partnering agency yet, but, based on what I have read, it seems that the NSF notification is the official one.
  9. roadrunner797

    The NSF GROW - what to expect and when to expect it?

    I'm so glad this thread exists. There is very little information about GROW on the internet. Would anyone be willing to share their successful application? If my application gets accepted this year I'll make sure to pay it forward!

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