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  1. Maybe this is a long shot, but is anyone considering Cambridge (UK) for an MPP next year? Or, any Cambridge MPP grads floating around here? I have been accepted but no word on funding, etc. yet. Curious to hear about anyone else’s experiences with applying and moving over there!
  2. Thank you all for starting this conversation. It is so important! I have a history of anxiety and depression, along with ADD. Unfortunately, this was something I didn't fully discover until the end of undergrad... so all of my experimentation with therapy, medicine, etc. have come after I completed school about 2 years ago. I now take anxiety and ADD meds and go to monthly therapy and I am much better than I used to be! So thankful for that! That said, I am very concerned about the transition back to school. I'm doing a Master's in the UK, and I have signed up with the disability s
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