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  1. I did go to urtas and interviewed- haven’t heard a thing- but got in at another school that I’m super excited about. Best wishes!
  2. Anyone hear from Ohio, Indiana, Baylor, or Florida state?
  3. I'm going to the Chicago URTAs for interviews. Super excited and slightly terrified.
  4. My gut says to go with the freelance artist (especially if there are any that you've worked with multiple times). Have them explain their connection to you and their qualifications in brief. I would think that those three options gives a wide breadth of information about you, your working style, etc.
  5. Hi all, I'm interested in applying - but am worried my background isn't strong enough to be seriously considered. I've been a high school theatre teacher for six years (directing 12 full lengths there). Outside of school I have also directed three productions, assistant directed another, and directed at three 24 hour play projects. I do have a Master's in Production and Design. If anyone has any advice or insight on what schools are most likely to be open to my background, applying in general, or how to market myself better I'd appreciate the help.
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