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  1. @hj2012: Thank you for recommending those programs - I am going to look into them and see how their faculty's research aligns with my interests. Hopefully there is a match. As for my writing sample - you are right, 10-15 pages is within the range for most MA programs I am looking at, but unfortunately I do not have any other papers of higher relevance that I could revise for this purpose (I have scoured my hard-drive for more relevant material, to no avail.) I think my best bet is to revise the aforementioned essay as I do not think it is realistic for me to write one from scratch at this
  2. Greetings, Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I figured it might be worthwhile to get a reality check from some of my peers on here, as you all would know better than many of the real-world people I know about the MES world and what their admissions processes look like. I could really use some perspective and context about this matter, so some feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am in an unconventional situation where: a) I am adamant about transitioning into academia/the humanities to study the Middle East with a focus on the intellectual history of the Levant and
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