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  1. @xypathosThank you very much for your answers..!
  2. @xypathos, If, at the end of the day, I choose this school, will it impact my future study? Or this is "a normal situation" when one prospective student reviewing multiple offers (even a waitlisted one) that come to his/her desk? @NTGal, well-advised! Thank you very much..
  3. Does anyone have an information about the deadline for waitlisted (in general)? I mean, at this point I got one acceptance (Phd in theology with confirmation deadline is April 1st) and still waitlisted in three others programs. Should I bother to wait and perharps push it until one day before the confirmation deadline since it's worth to try or just relieve myself from this anxiety? I know, it is a silly questions.
  4. @NTGal Thank you for the explanation.
  5. Actually, I try to expand the conversation into a broader sense, in this case Ph.D application and in various type of schools (liberals, Catholic, seminaries). So sorry if it doesn't come out correctly.
  6. HI @Averroes MD, would you mind help me walk through this part of your sentence? As far as I know, in the more liberal school - I don't whether this is an appropriate title for them - such as Harvard, Yale, Duke, and Emory the ministerial experience is not their primary indicator compare to GPA, LORs, writing samples, personal statements, etc. Especially for PhD application. Maybe it will tell a different story in divinity schools or seminaries. Please correct if I'm wrong. And how about in the catholic school such as BC, Villanova, Fordham? Does ministerial experience from protestant church tradition will play an advantage? Thank you.
  7. very interesting... would you help give me one example of this "smaller denominational journals"? I hope it's not prohibited to mention it here. And how bad it would hurt me? For this "top-tier journal", based on what criteria? Cause I try to publish in a journal that has a good H-index (min 3) and total cites (min 16). Or is there any other criteria that need my attention? I hope I'm not bothering you with my silly questions... Thank you so much for your help.
  8. My only concern that he will place me in the "second-option" due to the different interest. But I think its a really good point you have over there. Thanks for sharing your thought ahhh.. it's like an inside job... LOL.. Thank for sharing... It's a very valuable information for me. From your perspective and knowledge, how far is peer-reviewed journal publication will influence the decision? Until now, I've published 2 articles in a peer-reviewed journal and one book chapter also in an international research series. I'm hoping can add maybe 2 more in upcoming years. I realized that as an international student, I'm lack of an influential letter of recommendation and first-tier university degree. Plus, I'm not planning to take another MA or M.Th. in U.S. due to my financial issue.
  9. Rabbit Run, thanks a lot! other question, if I may. How about UTS? Do you have information regarding Samuel Cruz or Gary Dorrien? Dorrien has very extensive writing in politics and theology which I think intersects with my interests too. Although I can only imagine how busy he is. on other hands, Cruz project about public theology, faith in the city, and black theology quite interesting although I'm afraid I cannot talk a lot about these topics since its "US things" which quite different with my context. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for the explanation xyphatos. Although I''m not pretty sure how to react, I think I'll try to contact some potential prof to discuss my opportunity. finger crossed... But how about seminaries like PTS and UTS? Same case?
  11. Hello, Does anyone have an opinion on Keri day from PTS compare with Eric Gregory and John Bowlin? My interest is constructive public theology, religion and society, ethics, and postcolonial reading. Thanks
  12. Hello Is it true that when you want to apply PhD program at first tier school (yale, hds, uc, bu, bc, etc) it will have a better opportunity when you have an MA or MATS or equivalent degree from another university in US? Or even from their own magister graduate student..? I'm an international student from South East Asia and some of my friends keep telling me that. Thanks in advance.
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