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  1. @HappyReader I don’t mind you asking at all and thank you for the congratulations! It was a really tough decision but I ended up choosing U of T which you probably already know now since I asked for the link. Looking forward to meeting everyone
  2. @PhonologyFiend I just turned down my acceptance so that should open up a waitlist spot. Best of luck!
  3. I wasn't able to attend the U of T open house today and I wasn't able to get the webinar working for when I was available. Can anyone here summarize the pertinent points they took away from it? THANK YOU
  4. Congrats to everyone! It was nice that Western called to congratulate this morning and to confirm their offer of admission!
  5. Accepted to U of T & Western! Congrats to all Does anyone know where they are going to go yet?
  6. Can someone please clarify when we will hear back from ORPAS and where this was listed? Is it the same structure every year (checking the ORPAS portal) or could individual schools contact us before that? Thanks!
  7. That's awesome! I am really waiting for McGill as well... maybe see you at U of A then
  8. Not necessarily! For me, Alberta was “higher” on my list so I didn’t want to take up a spot on the waitlist. I am still waiting to hear back from 3 other schools but I am really excited about the prospect of U of A! I’m guessing you are still waiting to hear back as well?
  9. Waitlisted at Dal too! I declined so hopefully that gives someone else a better chance of getting in Good luck everyone!!
  10. @alberta.slpa.to.slp Verbal 161, Quant 156, AW 5.5. I have received an admission from Alberta and haven't heard anything from Dal (so I don't know if that means rejection..)
  11. Has anyone received a rejection from Dal? I know people are hearing back for acceptances so far.
  12. @SLPdreamer1996 No, I don't! I know the format originated for Med School so perhaps you could find more information. I don't think it's necessarily SLP-specific but I could be wrong. I am not sure if I will be going since it's quite an expensive flight for me! Best of luck to you
  13. Just received an e-mail from McMaster inviting me to participate in the MMI process!
  14. Just received my official admission letter from U of A through the Applicant Portal!
  15. @Kellua @just_speechie @kshelton Congrats to all!! Has anyone applied elsewhere as well?
  16. @Kellua Congrats! Perhaps we will be in the same cohort I'm so surprised it came so early as well; to be honest, I was a bit confused! That's odd that you would receive that message. Is this the applicant portal you are referring to? https://graduate-studies-apply.ualberta.ca/urd/sits.urd/run/siw_lgn
  17. Hi everyone! It's my first time posting on here but I have been reading and following for quite some time now. I thought I would just let everyone know that I received an offer of admission to the University of Alberta from Vicki Trombley. She mentioned that the official letter will be sent through the Applicant Portal for me to accept or decline from there. Has anyone else received this same message? I am soo excited and am looking forward to seeing if I get accepted at the other schools I applied to. Best of luck everyone
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