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  1. Sigaba, I see how this can be problematic, the statement I put about tutoring in my SOP is very small when compared to my focus on research. Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. Karasu56

    Which GRE scores should I send?

    Thanks for the reply! I have taken exam 3 times with little improvement the 157 Q score is the best I have done. I dont think I will retake it, unless for next season if i dont get in. I have very good GPA for all my undergrad math and engineering courses. As well as tutoring experience for math. The problem I find with sending in the second set with higher Q score is the very low verbal that time 39 percentile (148 V) is very low and a cause for concern i would think....
  3. Thanks for the reply! I have decided to include my tutoring experience as I think it shows my desire for a career in academia.
  4. Which scores should I send? V 152, Q 155, AWA 4 V 148, Q 157, AWA 4 I am applying to a Electrical Engineering PhD program.
  5. Should I explain average GRE, or why my average GRE maths scores are not indicative of my mathematical ability? Also would tutoring experience be something to include? Applying for PhD in Electrical Engineering for reference.
  6. Karasu56

    Average GRE, Good GPA

    I am worried about my application, due to my low GRE scores. I have retaken the test 3 times with little increases, and don't think I have the mental capacity to try again before fall 2018 apps are due. My current profile is: Undergrad GPA 3.86, honors from University of Washington, Bothell Electrical Engineering GRE take 2 152 V, 155 Q, 4 AWA take 3 148 V, 157 Q, 4 AWA Research: 2 recent conference proceedings, a journal publication (2nd author) and research scholarship during undergrad. Good LOR's from undergrad research adivser, current research adviser, and professor I had good standing with. The school I am really concerned with getting into is University of Washington, Seattle EE program for MEMS. They remark on there website that "competitive applicants usually have a quant score of 160 minimum." Another stretch school would be University of Michigan, but with my current profile I feel I have no chance of that. The advice I am looking for is my abysmal GRE scores going to keep me out of UW?

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