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  1. Hi everyone! Is there anyone who will visit Rockefeller for an interview in February? I wonder if they send any email about the interview committee.
  2. Thank you so much for the reply! Unfortunately, I received a rejection from my second choice program as well. At least they returned. I have been invited for an interview from only one program, so I feel stressed. Congratulations to everyone who has already got acceptance
  3. Hi everyone! I've just got a rejection from NYU Sackler. I wonder if there is anyone heard back from Brown MCB or Columbia Biological Science (GSAS). My application was transferred to my second choice of program Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, but ı haven't heard after that. My application is still under review. I also haven't heard back from UNC BBSP, ı assume it will be rejection.
  4. I haven’t heard back, either. The deadline for the questionnaire was 19th of January, they may return after the deadline.
  5. I sent them an email and asked if the review process is complete.
  6. Anyone hear from Brown MCB and Boston University PBis? 1 I also applied for Brown MCB and Columbia Biological Sciences, still waiting.
  7. UNC BBSP told me that review process is still taking place and they still have offers to give out. They expect to send notifications by mid-late January.
  8. Hi everyone! I got invitation to an interview. They don’t expect any answer, since we will fill in a form to schedule the interview date. Should I reply the email to thank for the invitation. I am not sure because I also do not want to take Dean's time.
  9. Hi! I also applied Weill Cornell BCMB and I haven't heard back. If I did not get it wrong, weill cornell sent you an invitation for an interview. I wonder if they give you any information whether there will be a second cycle invitations? I thought the interview days held in February, but if it is in the middle of January, maybe I contact them to get information if they are finished sending invitations.
  10. Thank you for letting us know! I am very excited
  11. I hope we all hear back, happy Christmas and new year
  12. Hi! I wonder if the schools send the rejection answers after sending all interview invitations. Many people received an invitation to interview from UNC BBSP. I received neither a return nor a rejection. I'm starting to worry I hope we all get acceptance from the schools we want. Good luck everybody!
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