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  1. Hey hey! I am also an international applicant, from Brazil. I recently got my transcript evaluation done by WES and also got my toefl scores. It will be nice to help each other out! What programs are you applying to?
  2. Hey, guys! Could you evaluate my profile and tell me whether I am aiming too high? I am interested in applying for a PhD in Cancer Biology or Biomedical Sciences. Undergrad Institution: Top 10 university in Brazil Major(s): Pharmacy GPA: 3.5/4.0 Position in Class: First Class Honors (2nd best GPA) Type of Student: International White Female GRE Scores: Still gotta take it Toefl Score: 104 (will re-take this month as this one is about to expire) Research Experience: 2,5 years during undergrad at a cancer research lab (1.5 year during my first undergrad year + 1 year performing my Thesis). Got a publication as a co-author + 2 poster presentations + 1 oral presentation at a regional event 3 Summer internships abroad during undergrad (Amgen in the US, University of Tokyo and University of Oxford) - 2 poster presentations 1 year at a stem cell research lab (current) - 1 poster presentation Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Graduated with 2nd best GPA in Class Academic Excellence Certificate for 2 semesters (GPA = 4.0) 1-year Scholarship funded by the Brazilian Government to perform exchange studies at an Ivy Uni Short-term Scholarship funded by Uni of Tokyo to perform summer internship 1-year Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Competitive Scholarship) funded by the Brazilian Government Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for a semester during undergrad 6 months as a clinical pharmacy intern 6 months as an organizer at an International Solidarity Project in my home uni 3 months as a tutor (online course) Summer intern at a pharma company in Brazil Special Bonus Points: Master's Degree in a Top10 medical university in the world - gGPA: 3.7/4.0 Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: My GPA during my exchange studies abroad (Ivy Uni) was sub-3.0, however the grades are included in my undergrad transcript and don't look that bad when they were converted. I am afraid that they might ask for this Uni's transcript as well? Emailed NYU Admission's Office and they said I don't need to send it - hoping the other ones say the same. Applying to Where: NYU Sackler (LOR from an alumnum) Rockefeller (LOR from an alumnum) Cornell Weill I'm considering applying to: Harvard BBS (might be too high I know) and UCSF Tetrad It would be great if you could give me some feedback whether my profile is competitive enough for these programs. I am afraid that my GPA during exchange might hurt my application severely. I am also planning at applying to these programs, as most of them don't ask for GRE scores! Thanks in advance for any suggestion/comments that you may have for me!
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    I would just try to email them to ask, as you're only 1 point behind and you got an excellent score overall. This might save you a good amount of money.
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