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  1. Don't let the impostor syndrome take over you - if you got in then you got because you are capable. This being said definitely choose the place you feel the warmest community with. If both have similar opportunities go where you will be the happiest. Graduate school can be very stressful and if you rely on family as a support system then its best to hold onto it but MIT offers a unique opportunity to be apart of one of the most academically involved communities in the world (Super cold though). No reason you couldn't go back to Cali afterwards. I know im not really providing a decision but these are things to consider if you havn't already.
  2. Sorry, I actually did mean to put the University of Wisconsin, not Wisconsin State - and yah I most certainly plan on removing yale from the list and supplement it with something more mid-tier like UC-Davis. Do you have any more personal recommendations for that area I should scout out a bit more in depth?- and also what can you tell me about your impression from University of Wisconsin?
  3. Hey, So its my turn to apply this year and I suppose Im just wanting to get external input from the community. I had transferred from a small community college to a decent research university and have been doing wonderful I feel. However I want to make sure im level headed and not being too ambitious for what I have; Im hoping for a reality check in case im out of line…anyways here we go- Undergrad Institution: Big Undergraduate Research University in Florida (Came from community College after two years) Major(s): Cell & Molecular Biology GPA in Major: 3.83 Overall GPA: 3.93 Position in Class: Top 7% Type of Student: Domestic White  GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 160 V: 156 Research Experience: Neuro Research (My primary lab) -(1 Year Now, 2 years by Graduation: Started immediately after transfer to the university): Focus on neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimers/Parkinson’s) with a focus on mechanism & preventative drug design. One poster presentation – Started writing my undergraduate research thesis on this material. We are expecting to publish early spring and I have been invited to present at a conference early January. (Something of significance I believe is that when I joined this lab I worked directly with the PI in creating and testing a new preliminary study of interest; Today I am now running it mostly independently except for when my PI is either needed for approval or intervention.) Cancer Research (Side Lab) - (Spring 2018 Only): Designed and tested preliminary rounds looking at the dietary effects on cancer cells. (This lab was real offered as a one semester experience for a select 30 students). Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) Honor/Academic Societies: Phi Theta Kappa Golden Key Society Phi Kappa Phi Chemistry Society Office of Undergraduate Research Universities Honor College Awards (Really only one of significance): Academia Excellence: Chemistry (Only one awarded per year) Recognitions Deans List every semester except last – got my first B Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) Tutored General Biology, General Chemistry, and Calculus (Freshman & Sophmore year) Special Bonus Points: (Such as connections, grad classes, famous recommenders, female or minority status etc...) -My current PI is relatively big in the alpha syn world and with a few large publications, however he has not had too many in the past 4 years do to some of the large projects he has taken on. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: -Ive taken plenty of great upper level courses (4000 Level); Immunology, developmental biology, Molec bio of cell/gene. Finished all with A's. Will be taking Biochem and Exp. Genetics this fall. -I have for sure two very good recommenders. My current PI, and a well-recognized immunologist from Duke Im close with. -I will also certainly mention that as I have gone through my undergrad I have consistently worked a retail Job for 20hr/week. It was just something that has provided to be only a minor hinderence, but I believe I have still managed quite a bit of success. Applying to Where : (1) Duke – Stem Cell/Developmental Bio (2) Wisconsin State - Stem Cell (3) Weill Cornell - Developmental Bio (4) University of Utah – Regenerative Medicine/Stem Cell (5) Yale – Developmental Bio Each school calls it something different, but the focus is on regenerative medicines Many of these schools have great funding and collaborative opportunities of my interest. I plan to add/remove a couple of these but before that I think I may want some input. Are some of these schools far too ambitious for myself though? I mean looking at everyone elses so far I don’t seem to compare too well. I know my letters and a fantastic SOP can do wonders but I suppose I would like anyone’s opinion. Do I need to dial down or am I competitive as a undergrad who will be graduating spring of 2019?
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