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  1. GEM Fellowship 2018

    That's all I hear, it would be nice if the employers would choose their students already. I would really like to know which or if any university is going to offer me a fellowship.
  2. GEM Fellowship 2018

    Should we be choosing the school that we are planning on attending through the GEM portal or wait until a University reaches out for a fellowship?
  3. GEM Fellowship 2018

    You're not the only one confused on how the University or Associate Fellowship works.
  4. GEM Fellowship 2018

    Did that university originally offer you full funding? On the GEM website that there is a column for offers next to the "Applicant Self Report Status" column. If the university is willing to fund us, will that offer only show up there?
  5. GEM Fellowship 2018

    Does anyone know how the University funded GEM fellowships work? If we don't get an Employer, is it up to the university whether to offer a University / Associate Fellowship or not?
  6. GEM Fellowship 2018

    I've had my status go from Matched, Held, and now released.