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  1. Where have you visited/where do you think you'll go? Being international kind of sucks as i don't get to see any uni before I go there.
  2. gg.rose


    Apparently they've send out all their acceptances!
  3. gg.rose


    I am surprised i haven't heard yet have you?
  4. To be honest the tone was very neutral, but Im not sure.. I feel it would be quite late now to receive an offer of an interview. Im not too fussed, I only applied as my supervisor wanted me to - but i wish you luck!
  5. I emailed, they said they are still reviewing applications and the outcome of interview/rejected will be sent in the next few weeks.
  6. Does anyone know what the intake size kind of is each year for upenn?
  7. Yeah im from NZ so maybe thats why.. because there is 0 chance of me being able to attend due to the cost as its like 20 hours of flying.
  8. No accepted! It says i will receive the official notice soon but that I have been accepted.
  9. I just got accepted there!
  10. Mine just says submitted which doesn't seem like a good sign..
  11. gg.rose


    Okay hopefully next week then!! My fingers are crossed for both of us Is it your top choice too?
  12. gg.rose


    Does anyone know when vanderbilt will release its decisions? it is my top choice of schools, and im very nervous waiting for a response. I also have deadlines from fulbright (im an international student) for documentation which is adding to the stress of being accepted.
  13. I haven't heard back from Vanderbilt, let me know if you hear anything/find out when we can expect to know!
  14. Does anyone know if northwestern is finished sending emails? i haven't received an acceptance nor a rejection..
  15. Thanks for telling me this, thats good to know. I was considering emailing to ask when i can expect to hear but i might put that off for a couple of weeks now
  16. I haven't heard back from scripps either.. not sure when to expect to
  17. Sorry to hear that! what were you applying for??
  18. Yeah there are acceptances/interview offers for all but vanderbilt and dartmouth which i know had later closing dates.. which is what is making me a bit disheartened! maybe will hear from the other two this week though!
  19. Ive applied to: Upenn, Cornell, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, University of Washington, Scripps
  20. When is it time to give up hope of being admitted this round ? I currently have no back up so want to work out if I need one..
  21. Thanks for letting me know!! best of luck to you too fingers crossed!!
  22. yeah me too i cant tell if its rolling admissions or just theyve sent them all..
  23. Im starting to freak out i haven't heard anything.. hopefully soon.. even if i don't get in id rather know
  24. I still haven't heard back from anywhere... am getting concerned :/
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