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  1. Thanks for the response and congratulations on your offer! That's amazing (: Is Cornell your top choice or would you rather wait and see how the rest of your interviews go? I really hope they respond quickly after the interview since I am desperately trying to extend some of the offers I got from universities in the UK ;p Good to know they respond quickly (: I am applying for dev bio but since some of the faculty I wanted to interview with are unavailable, I will be interviewing with 2 PIs from cell and cancer biology. Did the PIs expect you to know a lot about their research or was it more of a generic interview?
  2. Did anyone go to the Weill Cornell interview week in January. Do you mind sharing how it went?
  3. Someone posted earlier that they will be sending out invites 2nd - 3rd week of January so keeping finger crossed.
  4. I applied to the BCMB. Hah sorry I am not omniscient, no idea when the invites for other programs are being send but hope you get a positive response soon!
  5. In the email inviting us for interviews they asked us to accept the invitation by Jan 5th. I don't want to give you false hopes but they might be sending a 2nd round after today - but it's just my speculation.
  6. I saw the email earlier. I was curious to check how many people the email has been forwarded - it's almost 250. If Weill Cornell is inviting a total of 250 people to the PhD interview session then the competition is really tough ;s
  7. For UCSF's program - check your application portal and click on admission decisions, the results should be out. I received a generic rejection and they didn't even bother sending me an email to tell me to check the portal.
  8. I also haven't heard from the travel agency. I will probably contact them by the end of the week since I am residing overseas and I want to buy the flight as early as possible - interviewing 2nd week (Feb7th-Feb9th).
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