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  1. I found there's one optional diversity statement in the application to Yale. Though I'm an international Asian female, I do not consider myself to have come from a "diverse" background in terms of socioeconomic status, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. On top of this, I didn't really do much community work during college. So here are my questions about the diversity statement: 1. Can I write about my experience on a private rather than community level for the diversity statement? Although I'm a STEM major, I also studied classics as a minor, and I love sharing perspectives I learned from Roman history (for example) with my friends. Of a similar note, I organized workshops when I was back in Asia to introduce local high school students to western philosophy (which is rarely touched upon in classes). I also enjoy good theatres and sharing my thoughts about them with my friends because I think theatre is a good way for us to learn about what other human beings think and feel. So I can try to spin these experiences in a way that show my interest in bridging the communication between different cultures and help people to learn more from the less familiar side? But I'm not sure if such pedestrian experience (is it?) is really worth talking about, which brings me to the next question- 2.Should I write the diversity statement? After all, it is optional and I've heard sayings that it is more for domestic students, diversity is a term with American context, etc. I do not know whether it would hurt my application more not writing the diversity statement, or writing a mediocre one. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing feedback from y'all.
  2. Can someone look at my SOP?

    Thank you so much! I just messaged you.
  3. Can someone look at my SOP?

    Background: Undergrad at top private school. GPA/GRE general/GRE subject numbers are good. Two years of research (with two funded summer experiences) on cancer metabolism at my home university. One publication (nth author) under review, one small poster presentation, and one ongoing honors thesis project. I feel my research experience, though certainly formative to my growth as a researcher-in-traning, may appear lacking on the personal statement, and I'd appreciate advice on how to show how much my single research experience has prepared me for graduate study. Interests include cancer metabolism, cell division, and stem cell biology (I know it's a bit far stretched, but I usually pick one most closely aligned with my faculty of interest in that program, if that makes sense). The said SOP is tailored toward Harvard BBS, my top choice program. So I'd especially appreciate input from someone who knows the program well. But generic comments/critics are absolutely welcome too!
  4. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Thank you for the input! I've talked to my lab and they agreed to take me as a technician in case my application falls through. So I'm happy that part is settled.
  5. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Thank you for the information! Yeah I agree that the NIH program sounds like a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates. Sadly I'm neither a US citizen nor a permanent resident and therefore am not eligible to apply.
  6. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Lemma, thank you for your reply! I'm actually prepared to get "rejected across the board" since my school list is so top heavy. In that case I will probably stay at my undergrad school as a lab technician and apply for the next season. Since this is brought up, anyone has any suggestion on jobs/industry opportunities in case my application falls through? I didn't look into it so I'm pretty ignorant on this subject.
  7. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I feel I'm going too high, but on the other hand I find going to places "not as good as my undergrad" (for the sake of argument, no offense intended) a bit hard to swallow, and I'm also extremely picky about locations. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you all in advance! Undergrad Institution: University of ChicagoMajor(s): Biological SciencesMinor(s): Classical StudiesGPA in Major: 3.75-ishOverall GPA: 3.79Position in Class: Average as a freshman, getting better every year (It depends on the class. Maybe above average to close to top?). One poor grade in chem. (I've been told 3.8+ would be top 10% at my school)Type of Student: International, femaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 167 (92%)V: 170 (99%)W: 5.5 (98%)B: 900 (98%; Mol&Cell: 96%; Organismal: 98%; E&E: 92%)Research Experience: Less than two years at my school, cancer biology. One publication in preparation (Nat med), middle author (If the reviewers are quick, could expect to hear back from them right before 12/1). One poster presentation at school symposium.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: One academic merit award upon matriculation, dean's list every year. Got school grant awards for two summers that I can put on the CV. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Ongoing research honors project. Special Bonus Points: 1 LOR from my PI, 3 from professors who have taught me, one of which is a dean here. I wouldn't call any of these LORs "fantastic" though-I just don't know. Contacted one UChicago alumnus professor at top choice school. He seemed to have interest. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Can't think of any for now. Applying to Where:Harvard Yale Rockefeller Weill Memorial Sloan Columbia Icahn Johns Hopkins U of Washington U of Pennsylvania U of Chicago Northwestern