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  1. Undergrad Institution: University of Washington Major(s): Economics, Mathematics Minor(s): International Studies GPA: 3.8/4.0 Type of Student: Domestic Female GRE General Test: Q: 167 (92%) V: 166 (97%) W: 4 (60%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: n/a Programs Applying: Biostats/Stats Research Experience: Undergraduate thesis/senior project research that was related to international health, 1 research project for a math class that ended up being submitted to an undergrad research publication. (Found out yesterday that its going to be published!) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Best undergrad thesis by department Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Data Analyst at a global health research institute - don't think this helped my applications one way or the other, but I got asked about it during interviews/school visit. Letters of Recommendation: Two from professors who supervised research I did, one from a math professor. Math/Statistics Grades: Calc Series (A- average), Multivariate Calc (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Proofs (A), Real Analysis (A-), Probability I-III (A's in 1st two, A- in third), Mathematical Modeling (A). + several Econometrics/statistical regression/computer programming classes. I switched into the math major at the end of sophomore year (from IS) and picked the math track w/ the fewest credit hours to graduate on time. (I think relative lack of upper-level math classes probably hurt me for Stats applications.) Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Results: University of Michigan - Biostats / Admitted 2/15 (9 months funding for 4 years) University of Minnesota - Biostats / Admitted 12/21 (12 months funding for 5 years) University of Pennsylvania - Biostats / Admitted 2/12 (12 months funding until matriculation) University of Texas - Houston - Biostats / Admitted 1/8 (said that funding info/positions would be available after enrolling) - declined University of Washington - Stats / Rejected University of California (Berkeley) - Stats/ Rejected (lol) University of Wisconsin - Stats (applied to Biostats focus) -Assuming rejection at this point.

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