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  1. semioclasm

    Campus Visits

    Hey all, I was recently accepted to my top choice (Buffalo) and invited out to a visiting weekend. They mentioned setting me up with a place to stay, but said nothing about covering travel expenses. I went ahead and booked my flight, which wasn't cheap, but I see that many of your programs bought your tickets. Should I ask my program about funding, or would that come across as too needy? Thanks in advance!
  2. semioclasm

    2018 Acceptances

    Congrats to all of the other acceptances! Quick question for those of you who know how this works: Now that I'm accepted, the application portal brings me to an accept/deny admission page. How long do I have to accept? I don't have any other offers yet, and while Buffalo is my top choice, there's currently no word on funding. I've heard people mention April 15th quite a bit around here––is that the deadline for all schools?
  3. semioclasm

    2018 Acceptances

    Longtime lurker, first time poster, but I just got my first notification, and it was an acceptance to my top choice---SUNY Buffalo! I'm elated! This is all after I felt like I wasn't going to get in anywhere because I haven't heard from Madison or Chicago.

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