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  1. Yes! Thank you! What an incredible opportunity!
  2. Decisions will be released today. Phone calls to accepted EdLD candidates were made yesterday. During those calls, we were told that the emails would be sent and decisions would be posted today. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Yes!! ? I agree with the earlier post that interview invitations will likely go out this Thursday and Friday. Good luck, everyone!!
  4. Hello, HoldingMyBreath! I applied to the Ed.L.D. program at HGSE, too! Someone in the "HGSE 2018" forum mentioned applying to the EdLD, as well. Based on information from previous forum conversations on this site, I'm hoping that interview invites will start going out next Thursday, February 1st. (So soon!!) In the past, it looked like the invitations didn't necessarily all go out at the same time. Good luck to everyone who applied...! What an exciting program!
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