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  1. It depends... I'm currently at Berkeley as a master in transportation. Last year my offer + funding letter was received on March 9. It's still early so probably funding is on its way.
  2. Probably not. I declined a master's offer last year and was accepted to their PhD this year.
  3. Interesting that you got an interview from MIT. I think historically they don't interview. You probably have a good shot!
  4. I want to say the same thing to MIT... They haven't sent me anything yet
  5. I saw a lot of structural engineering rejections today. I applied for MST (Transportation). I don't see any MST posts in the results page. A friend who also applied for that program told me that he received a waitlist email at noon, but I still got nothing... I don't even know what to expect now. I just want this to be over.
  6. I know I've asked this numerous times, but... does anyone have any news regarding MIT?
  7. MST applicant here. I think MS and PhD are in the same situation now. Emailed them and they said that decision should be sent this or next week. Edit: i think it’s more likely to be the next week since we are almost done with this week...
  8. I think you said that MIT admitted you for MEng. If you want to pursue PhD in the future, wouldn't you need an MS?
  9. @strawberrykat I will probably attend Berkeley. Final decision will be after the visit day. If MIT finally worked out and offered funding then I would probably go there.
  10. No... this clause is generic. It just means that they could rescind the offer if you somehow decided to drop out of school this semester and not finishing your bachelor's degree. So, no worries!
  11. I forgot to ask this earlier. Could you share the date of MIT's visit day? Thanks!
  12. Here comes another week... Hope all of us who are waiting for MIT get our results this week!
  13. It is a master's degree. It's not an "academic" degree but instead a professional one (like MBA)... They are all master's degrees. In terms of immigration category, MEng is treated the same as MS.
  14. I saw a post on the results page regarding MIT CEE. Apparently someone called them and got this information: "Our admissions committee is making their final decisions within the next 1-2 weeks. We have been notifying applicants of their decisions as soon as a decision has been reached on their application." Well, it seems that this year they are very procrastinating and we may not get any decision soon...
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