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  1. I will be rejecting my acceptance to Western so hopefully, that opens the spot for you! You have the right attitude though, keep going for it! it took me three years to get an acceptance. You got this !
  2. AHHHHH the suspense is killing me...I'm trying to keep distracted today as much as possible. Even took an extra shift at work loool good luck everyone
  3. Hey guys! Just to clarify, are responses being sent out on April 3rd for all ORPAS schools?
  4. I received the email as well even though I already activated my ID , so yea looks like they just sent it to all the applicants
  5. how many prerequisites if you don't mind me asking? I'm currently doing three and I am terrified that it will blow my chances :/
  6. hello all! quick question, are we able to add a prerequisite grade to our file? I didn't receive my final grade for one class by the time I had to submit my application and was wondering if it's possible to add it in now? does anyone have experience with this? Thanks
  7. I'm feeling you It's really hard having the first two responses from schools being a rejection... (mcgill and probably alberta). I know there's still hope for the Ontario schools but I'm just feeling down right now....
  8. Do you guys think Alberta emailed everyone on waitlist already?? Still hoping they will send some more out today... :S
  9. Heey thanks for your response! I heard the same thing about Western and Toronto and like you, my interest is in working with children I think my preference is UofT though just because I like the big city environment but I will obviously go anywhere I get accepted (if I do!!!) I do need to do more research on the programs and that might change my mind but for now it's 1) UofT 2) Ottawa 3) Western 4) McMaster 5) Alberta. I'm really worried about my GPA not being high enough though... I am very proud of myself for increasing by subGPA from a 3.72 to a 3.8 over the last year but reading the stat
  10. Hey everyone, in hopes to try to distract myself for the next two weeks until we receive ORPAS results, I was wondering what are your top school choices and why? I'm from Montreal so getting the rejection from McGill really got me on a downer but I'm trying to keep positive for the other schools I applied to (McMaster, UofT, Ottawa, Western). Any responses are super appreciated
  11. i know this post is from a while ago but do you mind sharing your stats when you applied?? thanks
  12. hello! I know this thread is from a while ago, but can you share what stats you when you applied ?? thanks
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