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  1. I guess all I know is TTIC is a far, far reach, the others, no so sure, but anything's possible
  2. I am currently a student at Purdue University, but it seemed to me it is kind of hard to find programs from other universities in the US where international students are eligible. Do you guys know some of those?
  3. Yes I have read through the whole document this afternoon which turned out to be indeed excellent! I have one concern though. I am not a CS major so I cannot take the machine learning courses, do you have any suggestions regarding this? Like can I apply for a permission?
  4. Hi, thanks so much for replying. The thoughts are in the previous reply I sent to @spamhaus. Just to make this clear, I am going for a Ph.D so does 3.9 and 4.0 make a difference? I have sent an email to that professor I am interested to work with with no replies yet. I am going to send another email about my summer research.
  5. Thanks for the advice. It is so nice hearing from a Purdue alum! I actually just finished the first midterm of 201! And you are right I am going for a Ph.D here, or at least for now. My thoughts about research are that right now even knowing the smallest break through in this field excites me, and I know it is not like I have done it or experience it before, but that excitement is what got me thinking and is what motivated me to contact that professor for that chance. I am not saying that I am definitely going for research, but I think it is somewhat more likely than rest of the choi
  6. Hi all, I am an international student at Purdue majoring in computer engineering and I am now currently a freshman. I now have a GPA of 4, which I know is not impressive since I am a freshman, but I am getting ahead of the usual schedule, so there should be more time for me to do some research stuff in sophomore, junior, and senior years than usual students. So I am doing research this summer in Beijing, China, with a well-known Chinese professor whose h-index is more than 67 (lowered because he has two accounts in Google Scholar with the other one 54) in, hopefully, machine learning from
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