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    Atlanta, GA

    Hey I am thinking of attending Georgia Tech in the fall and I am wondering if a MARTA pass is included in fees? Thanks
  2. Defer! I did it and can confirm it was easy to reinstate the application. If April rolls around and you aren't excited to start a program, then taking a year off to refocus and think about your priorities is a good thing. Wisconsin, Penn State, Georgia Tech, WashU, Harvard, MIT, Toronto, Virginia
  3. I believe this is extremely rare. If you are still in undergrad, the offers usually only stipulate that you have to graduate. So if you fail a class and don't graduate they can rescind, but if you get a D in a chemistry class or whatever you're worried about, they won't rescind.
  4. Hey Jub.jub, Like GettingDemReactions said, the time to email them was right after you met with them, or back in August or September (something like: "Hi, we met previously, I was impressed, I am beginning the process of applying for next fall, please look out for my application.") Emailing them now probably isn't a good look.
  5. Yes I think as a domestic applicant anything above 50% you should submit.
  6. I really don't think it can hurt to mention them, and it's worth one sentence in your SOP and a line on your CV. What are they going to do, call you a fraud and toss your application out? That said, I also doubt they will be a meaningful boost to your application.
  7. Undergrad Institution: USA liberal artsMajor(s): chemistry, musicMinor(s):GPA in Major: idkOverall GPA: 3.65Position in Class: idkType of Student: Domestic White MaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 169 (95)V: 166 (97)W: 4.0 (57)S: 800 (79)Research Experience: 3.5 years total. 2 years post-bachelor at Oak Ridge National Lab in carbon/soft materials. 1.5 years undergraduate in inorganic materials. 2 conference presentations, 2 papers in prep. (middle author)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 2 ACS awards, grad. with honors, freshman comp. awardPertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutor for Gen Chem and Organic Interests: catalysis or materials Applying to Where: MIT, Harvard, UW-Madison, Toronto, Georgia Tech, Penn State, WashU, UVA, UT-Bredesen Center Already accepted to UW because I deferred there in 2018 but didn't enroll due to a two-body problem. Some lesser-ranked schools on here because they are good schools for my partner.
  8. I believe this should be less detailed than the SOP or CV (due to low character limits). Just cover the basics of where you were, what the dates were, who your PI was, and the one-sentence version of what your research was.
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