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  1. Hi All! I just accepted my offer from the MPA program as well. See you there in July
  2. I really appreciate the input - I was actually waffling on LBJ due to the lack of emphasis on the international sphere, so this is super useful feedback. It is definitely much cheaper, so unless some last minute aid comes through it's a top option. As far as Evans, I do think they're working to really increase their international scope but for a state school in particular, it is insanely expensive and my impression is that the state has been cutting funding and making it even more difficult for them to offer as much financial assistance as they would like. Random question: does anyone here have any experience with online MPA options? I generally would stay away from those, but financially it actually seems to make a lot of sense if the degree I'm getting is the exact same. Most top MPA programs seem to offer online degrees with the exact same curriculum as their on campus track.
  3. Hi all: help needed. I've been accepted to a few schools and, unfortunately, have not received any merit aid worth mentioning. Considering that I would like to work in International Development, does anyone have any advice for pros and cons of each school? I'm leaning towards Maxwell, but am honestly very conflicted.
  4. Just heard back from Maxwell regarding their Public Administration program on Monday, but not sure if that helps you at all!
  5. Weirdly just got my acceptance yesterday.... so not sure if we'll all be receiving the official admission packet at the same time or if only the first round of acceptances should be keeping an eye out for it?
  6. Also was accepted to the MPA at the SPA school! I just got off the phone with an admissions counselor however and she seemed to think that all merit based aid decisions would have gone out with your acceptance....
  7. Hey! I'm looking at specializing in International Development and Non-profit Management, & with a not so impressive undergrad GPA, so a little different with my school selection. I applied to SPA at American, UofT Austin LBJ School, UNC - Chapel Hill, Indiana University Bloomington and the Maxwell School. So far I've gotten acceptances from American and UW, with an interview at UNC. Maxwell would be my first choice if I was accepted but it also completely depends on where I get aid! It seems like with UW some more money may open up as prospective students decline their offers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... Best of luck with Goldman!
  8. Also claiming an Evans acceptance! No fellowships Out of curiosity, where else did everyone apply and what are your first choices?
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