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  1. Got individual emails from my POIs yesterday. I think it depends on your subfield and POI.
  2. Got a call from Georgetown notifying me about my offer. IR Subfield!
  3. Got an email from University of Rochester with funding details!
  4. I have applied to Georgetown. Haven't heard anything from them. Although I believe that Georgetown usually sends out decisions by late feb/early march.
  5. Received an offer from UT Austin! Got an email from the DGS just now. Subfield IR. Funding info will be released in a few days.
  6. Got an official rejection from Wisconsin. Congratulations to all those who got an offer.
  7. Even the post that mentioned accept stated that they received an acceptance on 23rd January. That result has now been deleted.
  8. The post says accepted via Phone on 23rd January. I think whoever posted it forgot that 23rd is tomorrow!
  9. Yeah! Also for UT Austin. They were out around the end of January last year.
  10. Is there any international applicants here? I heard that many universities that typically do not conduct an interview with an American applicant conduct interviews with international applicants. Any news? International applicant here. I haven't heard any such information. Most of the schools that I applied to clearly mention that they won't be conducting interviews.
  11. Anyone claiming Columbia and UT Austin admits?
  12. Did anyone else get an interview request from Wisconsin for IR subfield?
  13. Hello, I am an International student pursuing a Masters degree in Global Policy. I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science. However, As I am looking at schools to apply, I am not clear as to where my profile stands. It would be really helpful if I could get some directions/pointers so that I can then start looking at the fit. I am thinking of applying for the Fall 2020 cycle. I know what I want to do (Comparative Political Economy), however, I would like to get a realistic idea of what schools I can look into based on my profile. I am looking at a few schools: The University of California, Berkely, UCLA, Columbia, Duke, NYU, Cornell, UT Austin Undergraduate Institution: Tier 1 University in India Major: Mechanical Engineering GPA: 7.9/10 Grad Institution 1: Large Tier 1 US university Major: Operations Research and Industrial Engineering GPA: 3.65/4 Grad Institution 2: Large Tier 1 US university Major: Global Policy Studies (International Trade/ International Relations) GPA: 3.92/4 GRE: 169Q/164V/4 AWA LOR: Still working on it but should get one from a star professor at the policy school (He has a PhD in Pol Sci) Research: Master's Report, Research Internship at a think tank I know this is a very circuitous route, but due to circumstances, I never had clear career guidance. I am still a little unclear and seek guidance and help on this forum. Can you please let me know if I am being too ambitious? Thank you.
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