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  1. Anyone who got into child and families u of t advanced stream rejecting the offer? I know it mostly still doesn’t indicate anything about my position on waitlist but just curious to know if there are any spots opening up even.
  2. Hey, u of T doesn’t send out emails unless you’re applying from an international address (as one reply indicated they are applying as an international student from the Caribbean) .if you haven’t received a letter in the mail and you’re applying as a domestic student, I would contact admissions since I think they’ve sent out admissions for the advanced standing. if you’re applying for 2 year program, I don’t think they’ve released full admissions for that.so I would wait.
  3. I was waitlisted and my SGS changed after I got my letter to "decision made." My Acorn says nothing.
  4. saw only one person few pages back in this forum that posted they got rejected. I don't think U of T lets that many people onto waitlist though either.
  5. Got waitlisted for child and families stream! Applied from out of Ontario. No online status update on sgs or acorn. Congrats everyone May the waitlisted get off the waitlist~
  6. Hope you get off waitlist! Did your online status on acorn or sgs change?
  7. Hey Jessa, I've read different responses throughout the forum. One person mentioned that they had heard that U of T's waitlist isn't based on rankings, but they will look at the applications/experience/focus of the people who had been accepted and turned down admission and try and compare it with people on the waitlist to try and accept a similar applicant. Others have said they have heard about getting off the waitlist 2 weeks before school was supposed to start (I'm assuming this is very rare though. I'm also highly doubtful U of T would do a last minute admission like this, eve
  8. Thanks for responding! Good to know your status hasn’t changed. Gives me a bit of hope! Hope your experience at u of t is incredible!!
  9. Wow congrats!! That's a nice surprise to get when you just get home. Sorry if you answered this already: did your status on acorn or SGS change? and are you applying from out of province? Also wondering if you can give some stats on what type of experience/grades you applied with
  10. Did they ever tell you what place you were on waitlist? For those of us who might get waitlisted- is it worth calling admissions to try and find out our place on the list, or are they not able to let us know?
  11. Hate to be that downer but I’ve only seen that one person has received a rejection letter so far from U of T advanced standing? Anyone else? I haven’t heard anything for myself. applied for MSW advanced standing , child and families stream. Applying for the first time from out of province currently but graduated from Carleton U. Anyone know if applying from out of province affects the rate at which you receive a decision?
  12. Anyone who applied to U of T advanced please let me know if you've seen your SGS status change from under review to decision made. Seems as though people are getting offers from ACORN first.
  13. Congrats!! Did your status under SGS change?
  14. Did your status under SGS change at all to decision made? or did it stay as "under review."
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