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  1. Thank you so much!! Have you secured your practicum? I applied to the Social Justice and Diversity and there's not a lot of options compare to the mental health stream. Hopefully they post more practicum options
  2. Hey everyone! I received an email from Angela this morning asking me to call her. When I spoke to her over the phone, she told me there has been some movement off the waitlist and they wanted to give me an offer into the full time one year MSW program!! I am absolutely STUNNED by the news and still trying to digest it!! so that being said- UofT is now offering acceptances off the waitlist!! WOOHOO!!
  3. Did anyone decline their UofT advanced standing offer? I wonder how many spaces will be available for the waitlisted...
  4. I've been hearing a lot of people being wait-listed from UofT. Anyone hear about rejections?
  5. Does Laurier have a platform to check admissions status (kinda like UofT's ACORN)?? I know there's LORIS, but I'm not sure where it would indicate my admissions status?
  6. Hi BruiseV08, congrats on your acceptance!! just out of curiosity, and if you do not mind me asking- how much experience do you have? I ask because, I believe my grades are pretty average as well and i only have work,placement and volunteer experience that I've gained during my past four years of BSW.
  7. Hi CGal, Thanks for sharing! it is a relief knowing that they do accept students who are coming directly out of undergrad. I know two friends who did that and one of them did their placement with CAS during her undergrad so i guess that looks really good on the application. I just don't know what to expect at this point, the waiting game is killing me!!!!
  8. your friend already received a rejection letter? I wasn't aware that rejections have gone out....
  9. thank you so much for sharing all that! I have been noticing a trend of people with more experience getting into the program. I still have my fingers crossed, but I'll definitely take this as a learning experience. Also, congrats on your acceptance!
  10. Hey everyone! congrats to all those who have received their acceptances!! I am currently completing my BSW and only have 2 years of placement + summer internships and volunteer experience. was wondering if those who got "invited" to UofT's MSW program have 2+ years of social work related experience? Also, I applied to the social justice stream at UofT and have not been invited--> wondering if those who got invited all chose the same stream?
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