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  1. How was your offer worded? Did it say anything about the decision being forwarded to admissions or anything? I'm not sure if they'd be accountable or not, but I'd think that an email from the department head is pretty solid. This type of offer situation sounds like one of mine as well. My department head worded it as I was being offered a spot and that the graduate department would contact me with my official offer "soon" but to contact him directly with any questions. The official offer took about 2 weeks because of paper work and having to organize my funding, so his email seemed just like a placeholder so I wouldn't accept an offer to a different program while waiting for the "official" acceptance.
  2. Has anyone else applied to or accepted an offer to Trent? I just accepted my offer for their MA in Theory, Culture & Politics. It was a hard decision between my 2 choices but the campus is beautiful (and so was the funding package).
  3. Me! I just got contacted today by the MA in Cultural Analysis and Social Theory Chair about my acceptance, just waiting on the official email from the graduate office.
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