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  1. official NYU rejections are going out... along with the plug for their master's program in bioethics...
  2. No problem, I'd been dying to hear from UConn myself. I emailed Mitchell Green today, and the response didn't say much definite except "the Admissions Committee in the Department of Philosophy at UConn has now met to consider all applicants," so I'd hope they can let people know soon. And thanks! I got a really nice offer from UMass, accepted to Oxford's BPhil program, and I was fully expecting rejections from everywhere else. The waitlists are a nice surprise, though I'm still dubious I'd actually get accepted by them. edit: just found my rejection for Rutgers on the online portal!
  3. I solicited a bunch of schools today and heard back from most of them. Surprisingly got waitlisted at UConn and Cornell. Have there been any other wait lists for Cornell? I know they sent out a lot of rejections today, so if others haven't heard back from them, it's possible you're on a wait list, too. I also got rejected from Toronto and NYU - Jessica Moss at NYU apologized for taking so long to get official letters out, but it sounds like they will go out soon. And Tufts said applications are under review and we should hear back within the next few weeks. Didn't hear anything from Rutgers, though I'm assuming a rejection from them. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. I'm one of the people who got accepted into Oxford's BPhil program, and I'm still very much in shock. I've gotten official rejections from MIT and Yale so far, and I'm assuming rejections from Cornell, Rutgers, and Toronto, so I've been mentally preparing myself for a shutout. Still waiting to hear from NYU, UCONN, UMASS, and Tufts (masters). And Oxford won't give results about funding until April 13th, so it'll be awhile before I'll know if I can afford it or not.
  5. Thanks for that info! I applied there too (my top choice) and don't see anything on my application page either. Also got rejected from Yale today, and haven't heard back from anywhere else.
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