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    Garcia_2020 got a reaction from sicm18 in TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018   
    Yay so awesome!  I saw threads for those applying else where and definitely wanted to see if there are any Texas applicants on here! 
    I'm not applying to many MSW programs lol. Im aiming for UH, but I don't mind TXST, currently getting my BSW/ BA in psych there. Good luck with all those applications! After MSW and a few years of working, I'm considering going back for PhD in counseling psychology. 
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    Garcia_2020 reacted to sicm18 in TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018   
    Hello! I also applied in Texas! I'm a psychology major and I'm pretty nervous because I don't know much about the decision process for social work programs. I have applied to UH, TXST, and UTSA, and am working on my Baylor in Houston app. I'm not sure if I'll apply to anything else. I'm also not sure how many programs people typically apply to for MSW!!! I am on the tail end of my clinical psych doctoral app/interview season and applied to nine programs for that.
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    Garcia_2020 reacted to estan in MSW two degree GPA   
    I am an international student from Canada studying in the USA. I completed a BA in psychology about 4 years ago in Canada and had a terribly low GPA (2.0). Following that I did a social service worker diploma ( equivalent to an AA level degree) in Canada  and graduated with a 3.6. I am now living in the United States and will be completing a BSW with a predicted overall GPA of 3.8 and a concentration GPA of 4.0. I was only required to complete 48 credit hours to complete this degree of which 36 are letter grades and 12 are pass fail (for my internship). My cumulative GPA would likely not meet the entrance requirements, because I do not believe my AA degree will be counted toward my overall cumulative GPA.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of situation before, and whether or not they were successful in obtaining admittance. I am 100% a different student then I was when I was younger. I was in a much different place in my life and my grades from then are not indicative of my ability. I require an on campus program which I know due to limited space can be more difficult to gain admittance so I really am just searching for some information as to how to be successful in being admitted. 
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    Garcia_2020 reacted to DBear in Someone is reading my application right now   
    You and I must have some sort of psychic connection - that's pretty much the image I've had in my head.
    Sometimes, the scene is a meeting room with a handful of bored looking professors all looking at applications together and chit-chatting and invariably, one professor says
    "I don't know what kids these days are thinking, what is this? a diary entry? and you call this a GPA??" and there goes my application, into the wastepaper bin, waiting for the cleaning staff to take it to the recycling bin.
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