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  1. Is anyone going to the campus tour event (multiple dates) or graduate studies tour on sept 4? Let me know I'll be going to both, maybe we can meet up!
  2. Hey guys, Just adding this page you can follow it for our program. Facebook Pages: https://www.facebook.com/IHPMEUofT/ https://www.facebook.com/UTIHIOpenSchool/ Student group page: https://www.facebook.com/utorontomhi/ I don't believe we have one specific to our cohort year. I don't mind making one if people want to use it as a form of communication? @NanBD Are you planning on going to the Peggy Leatt aware ceremony? I thought about it. It's a free event and would likely be a good place to learn more about the informatics community.
  3. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a facebook page made for our program & year yet?
  4. Hi Cloudbank, I called the registrars office yesterday and they said we can enroll in our courses on July 16. Once payment is received the status changes from invite to enrolled and the courses can be added to your acorn calendar. If anyone has any other info please add on !
  5. Hey I'm just curious if anyone has heard back about a conditional waitlist offer. If so what are your thoughts are moving forward?
  6. I also declined McMaster, I think I chose that too because I didn't want to provide the info as to where I had accepted
  7. @cloudbank Thanks for letting me know. The info must be coming in the mail with the acceptance letter to create an account. I haven't received a separate email from admissions.sgs yet
  8. Did you guys receive your official offer in the mail already with info to create your ACORN account?
  9. Hi Fademans, I have a feeling they are sending out more this upcoming week! What does your status say on the grad portal?
  10. Thank you so much for the link above! I got the email today. They are sending all official offers in the mail. Super excited I am going with U of T @ignito I emailed Zoe on Wednesday stating I had another offer but wanted to hear back from U of T before making my final decision. She called me that afternoon to tell me I'd be getting an email acceptance. It came in mid afternoon today. Is anyone moving downtown? Wanting to know people's thoughts on housing, off campus housing etc.
  11. Hey I am also in the same boat I got call the other day but haven't received the official email yet. We have to give our response to Mac by Monday. I looked really hard at the course breakdown for both and made my decision from there. I also did a budget calculator for each. In the letter that everyone received from U of T does it talk about scholarships, fees and initial fees?
  12. I'm also in a similar position with McMaster. I need to let them know next Monday. I totally understand what you mean about living arrangements etc. I'm going to email them tomorrow I think. Can you remove your offer from loo?
  13. Is anyone in a position where they have other offers and need to hear back from U of T soon?
  14. Hi Euca Congratulations! I got mine this past Monday. To those who haven't heard keep your heads up! They're probably still sending out letters until late next week
  15. Hello, They don't seem to be very strict on the time! How was everyone's interviews?
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