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  1. @MrsPhD, Thank you very much for your comments. I have few additional questions I want to ask you. How would you compare Penn State's methods training to top 15? Some of the faculty members have said that their training is at least as good if not better than the top 15 programs. Also how is penn state's prestige in the academia or industry? Is it well-regarded? I feel like the training at Penn State would be better suited for my interests, although I think Texas AM can help me more with academic placements. Yet, I don't know if I should take a year of and try to get into top 15. I know t
  2. Congrats! I attended their recruitment event earlier, and they said they were trying to make most faculty co-author with their students before they are out on the market.
  3. Thank you for your insights. Which program do you think has better placement record? Since Texas A&M is slightly higher ranked, would that be the better option? I am aware having a strong advisor is crucial for a good placement. Would you say that Penn State's placement record may become stronger because political science departments increasingly value data science? From my research, it seem like even most quantitative schools like Rochester, is just starting to incorporate increasingly more data science courses.
  4. Thank you for your response. I know what you mean. Admissions seem to vary significantly every year, which makes it a great risk to wait a year and reapply. Since the academia is too competitive nowadays, I feel like it is almost impossible to get amazing placements from programs ranked below 15ish. I personally know few people at top 5 programs that are having difficulties with getting tenure-track placements.
  5. Hi everyone! I am graduate from a very technical political science program. I have taken several game theory, econometrics and stat courses. I applied to CP/political economy and methods programs in political science. I have been admitted to Texas AM and Penn State. I am waitlisted by Rice. I have also been accepted to MA from CIR (Chicago), NYU, and SAIS. I am not sure how to proceed now. Since my initial intention is to stay in Academia, I do not think I can get placed in very strong schools from these two programs. I feel like Penn State's dual-title PhD in Data Analytics and Political
  6. Hi, I am also in the same situation. I checked their website, and it says that there was a financial aid application deadline for February 15th. Do you know if we needed to submit it? I do not think I sent in such an application.
  7. NYU rejection for PhD, but acceptance to MA program.
  8. I thought several people had already been accepted to NYU. Does this mean we are being considered for the MA program, or is the rejection letter just rolling out a bit slow?
  9. Is it weird that I still have not heard back from NYU, Rochester, and Vanderbilt?
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