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  1. Earlier this afternoon I received word from CU-Boulder that they "just completed a revised partial ordering of [their] small waiting list for [their] PhD program" and that I was not included on it. Best of luck to everyone else, I hope you receive the news you want during the next couple of days!
  2. This is a great question. I too would be interested if anyone has information about this scenario.
  3. I have posted several times in this thread, but I have a confession to make: every solicit I have made has been via telephone. How does one phrase a solicit via email? I am interested in what the body of the email states....
  4. Just declined my offer from Simon Fraser.
  5. I have officially declined my offer from Simon Fraser. Cheers to whoever gets accepted off the WL!
  6. I called the philosophy office and they transferred me to someone on the staff who works with the graduate coordinator. She said that they had already sent out offers and if I had not received anything official then I was on an "informal waitlist." Sorry if that contradicts something you've experienced or what you have heard from others. The reason why I called was because my status has not changed from "In Review" to "Rejected" or "Accepted." I am not claiming that is how they normally do business. I could have easily caught them off guard since I went old-school and used a telephone.
  7. I solicited a status update, is that the same thing? I was told I am on an informal waitlist.
  8. Same wording in my email. That was my thinking as well.
  9. Congrats! Did you receive notification via email or your application status page?
  10. Received a formal rejection from U of Arizona this morning. Still waiting to hear from CU-Boulder and UT-Austin.
  11. I received the same response, but I did not contact Graeme Forbes. Is Graeme Forbes the best contact for applicants?? I have not heard anything official from the department and my status has not changed on my application account.
  12. I am beginning to accept that a "secret waitlist" is really a thing for some program. It seems to be the only reason I have not received outright rejections at this point. Either that or they did not bother to send anything.
  13. Not a problem at all. I received news about Simon Fraser on 3/12.
  14. Last night. Hopefully you receive word from them soon!
  15. In at Simon Fraser (MA) with funding. Still waiting from U of Arizona, CU-Boulder, U of Texas-Austin, and Claremont (MA). Has anyone heard from those four programs?
  16. I received the same instructions from ASU. I am curious if anyone has actually reached out. What are they going to say? "So as you know, you did not make it. Your GRE and Writing Sample were horrendous, Statement of Purpose mediocre, and Letters of Recommendation were stupendous. Thanks for paying our application fee, your donation to the program is greatly appreciated."?
  17. They did indeed. If the numbers mentioned in the email are accurate, then I am sure glad they waived my application fee ha!
  18. Accepted: University of Georgia Waitlisted: Georgia State Rejected: UW-Madison, University of Michigan, Arizona State (so hard, one sentence email...yikes!), Columbia Unknown (probably rejections): Cornell, UT-Austin, Simon Fraser, Arizona, CU-Boulder
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