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  1. Earlier this afternoon I received word from CU-Boulder that they "just completed a revised partial ordering of [their] small waiting list for [their] PhD program" and that I was not included on it. Best of luck to everyone else, I hope you receive the news you want during the next couple of days!
  2. This is a great question. I too would be interested if anyone has information about this scenario.
  3. I have posted several times in this thread, but I have a confession to make: every solicit I have made has been via telephone. How does one phrase a solicit via email? I am interested in what the body of the email states....
  4. Just declined my offer from Simon Fraser.
  5. I have officially declined my offer from Simon Fraser. Cheers to whoever gets accepted off the WL!
  6. I called the philosophy office and they transferred me to someone on the staff who works with the graduate coordinator. She said that they had already sent out offers and if I had not received anything official then I was on an "informal waitlist." Sorry if that contradicts something you've experienced or what you have heard from others. The reason why I called was because my status has not changed from "In Review" to "Rejected" or "Accepted." I am not claiming that is how they normally do business. I could have easily caught them off guard since I went old-school and used a telephone.
  7. I solicited a status update, is that the same thing? I was told I am on an informal waitlist.
  8. Same wording in my email. That was my thinking as well.
  9. Congrats! Did you receive notification via email or your application status page?
  10. Received a formal rejection from U of Arizona this morning. Still waiting to hear from CU-Boulder and UT-Austin.
  11. I received the same response, but I did not contact Graeme Forbes. Is Graeme Forbes the best contact for applicants?? I have not heard anything official from the department and my status has not changed on my application account.
  12. I am beginning to accept that a "secret waitlist" is really a thing for some program. It seems to be the only reason I have not received outright rejections at this point. Either that or they did not bother to send anything.
  13. Not a problem at all. I received news about Simon Fraser on 3/12.
  14. Last night. Hopefully you receive word from them soon!
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