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  1. Looking for clarification on this: I was under the impression that OISE did not hold interviews for the Counselling and Clinical Psychology program? I thought interviews were only held for the Child Study and Education MA?
  2. Does anyone have any information or insight on the interview process at Saskatchewan? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! I would greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions/words of wisdom for a Canadian student interested in Forensic Psychology programs. My end goal is a PhD and primary research interests are the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders. I’m finding that there are limited options in this area within Canada, unless I attempted the clinical psych route and managed to work with a supervisor who does forensics research and/or pursue placements in forensics. I am also in the process of exploring forensic psych options in the U.S., but worried about difficulties in regar
  4. Yes, I had an interview there so now I'm in the same boat as you!
  5. Does anyone know if the first round of offers for the clinical program at Ryerson have been sent out?!
  6. Hey! Congrats on the acceptance! How long after your interview were you accepted?
  7. Hi everyone! Same request as a few others…if anyone with an interview at Ryerson could PM me their POI, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anyone received an offer from York yet?
  9. Does anyone know if all of the Open House invitations for York have already been extended? Thank you in advance!
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