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  1. I recently accepted an offer of admission to The University of Ottawa’s MEd program in Counselling Psychology. Im really excited to move to Ottawa, but was a little shocked to see how expensive the housing is around the university. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to find affordable but safe and decently nice housing in downtown Ottawa? Or, if anyone is in the same boat as me, and is a female graduate student in any program looking for a roommate in Ottawa, personal message me to see if we would possibly be a good fit to room together as to make the cost of living a bit more a
  2. Congrats! I am sure this means good news. I applied to the MEd program but have yet to hear back. In contacting the school I was informed that I likely won’t hear back from them until the end of April. Don’t know how I can wait that long haha
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Which program did you get accepted into though? Congrats!
  4. Which program was this referring to? Counselling and Clinical (MA) or Counselling and Psychotherapy (MEd)? Thanks
  5. I’ve applied to York MSW, U of T OISE Master’s of Education in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and U of Ottawa Master’s of Education in Counselling Psychology I’ll definitely post when I hear back from schools
  6. hi everyone! I recently sent in my application for OISE’s MEd Counselling and Psychotherapy program and plan on applying to Ottawa’s Counselling MEd program as well. My anxiety has been and will be through the roof until springtime when the rejection/acceptance letters are mailed out!!! My GPA in my fourth year was 3.7, with my cumulative GPA being around 3.6. Following completing my Honors BA, I took a post-graduate certificate at Humber College in Mental Health, and I also have volunteer experience at various hospitals, as well as at mental health organizations. I think my referenc
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