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  1. About B of A: They seem to be slow processing things. I felt like checks took longer to clear than other banks, and my purchases on the check card took quite a while to show up. I stayed with them because I needed something that worked in all the areas of the US I lived in or visited on a regular basis. About Bank of America being all over the US, I didn't mean to imply that it will be absolutely everywhere. I do think it is in the majority of states. I never had a problem finding one when I needed it when I lived or traveled in the US. I think the other poster's suggestion of looking into the areas you will be living and researching is a great idea.
  2. If you are living on the west coast, Wells Fargo isn't bad. As an international student I was set up with a checking account with a check card (a debit card that can also be used in places that accept credit cards) as well as a visa card. It was just part of their student package. In the first couple weeks of school banks will be on campus making their offers. I also used Bank of America, which is great because it is all over the US, but I found them frustrating in other ways.
  3. If you are happy with your Canadian insurance, you might just keep everything as is. When you are a student and not an immigrant you can keep a Canadian address as the main address, and then you put a secondary address as where you will park it in the US. Then you don't have the hassle of changing everything back and forth, especially if you have to take a test to change your license in the state you're moving to. I had my car in California for about 4 years like this with no problems. When I had a car accident (the other driver's fault) my insurance even hired a local person to assist me, rather than try to help me over the phone all the time.
  4. Hello, I'm starting my PhD in Education (Teaching and Learning as my concentration) this fall. I'm actually sliding over to education from a varied background -- journalism to English to English education, but with several years of teaching and textbook creation. Any advice for reading material in preparation for the fall? Like a bible of basic educational theories? Thanks!
  5. I'm doing a PhD in Education. My letter had all of the information including the admission scholarship and an explanation of how much GA funding I can expect from my department. This was in the package that they actually mailed to me -- the other email/online thing was just the acceptance letter, so if you haven't received the paper version you wouldn't have the funding info yet.
  6. Anyone else headed to Ottawa in the fall?
  7. For Everygirl, I wonder if it is maybe a faculty thing. I'm in an Education PhD program. When it comes to UofT my humanities friends have already heard back, but Education is waiting until the beginning of April. I do wish that we had the same agreement procedure here in Canada as in the US. It would make the whole process a little less stressful.
  8. I'm in at Ottawa as well, but my UofT program is saying they won't be releasing any info until April, after my deadline to respond to Ottawa.
  9. I've applied for one of the PhD programs OISE offers, but I note that their website states we will not hear back until the first week of April. Unfortunately, I have other offers that require a response by March 31. =(
  10. I attended Windsor for a year of undergrad and then about 2 years for my MA. It's true, as the other poster mentioned, that there are some financial issues in the city with the auto industry troubles, but things are picking up again with new types of manufacturing companies coming into the city. One thing to consider is where you plan to live. Windsor's public transit is lousy if you do not own a car. If you own a car, there are very limited parking spaces available, which sell out very quickly. Another item you might keep in mind is that next to the university is the Ambassador Bridge. Underneath the bridge are empty houses (the bridge owner wants to build another span, but the province has not approved it, and it building their own crossing -- long convoluted issue). You want to be careful if you are choosing a place to rent over the web, rather than going to look in person. You do not want to live too close to this area as it is not so great after dark. If you have more specific questions I can be more helpful.
  11. Anyone have information about Ottawa? I will be moving there for fall 2011.
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