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  1. Congratulations, even if you end up decling the offer, it was a feat by itself! The procedure was very competitive. I don't my specific ranking but it must not be at the very top, as they notified me that there are some other candidates above me. And I am from a partner country, so... slim pickings! Thank you for you kind suggestion, I checked the program and indeed it seems very interesting! Would you mind if I PM-ed you in order to get more info about the specific program and alternatives in Russian higher education?
  2. Reserve list! And not too high up on the ranking, from what I gather. Well, I guess I must find another way to stay and study in your country... Hope your luck was better than mine.
  3. Wow-круто! Всего доброго! Удачи! )))
  4. I am from Greece :-) And you?! So, they informed you that results are going to come out until the end March, right? Thanks for the update, I though that results were to be announced in early April, according to what the programme's website states. Do you have any further info? I've made a seperate thread for IMCEERES, btw.
  5. Hi, Libérateur (cool alias btw). Have you applied as well? Did you emailed them and they communicated this to you? Because the website states that applicants will be notified in early April.
  6. Your background seems a great fit with a programme like that! All the best. Do you have any info about the scholarship procedure and around when we should be awaiting results (besides what the website states)? Have you contacted the programme?
  7. I applied to IMCEERES. Best of luck to all of you! Did you received feedback RE your progression after you enquired or they notify you by themselves? I am impressed.
  8. The programme has been revamped and expanded, even its name is different, so I created a new thread, in order people who look for info to be be able to reach us!
  9. Hi y'all! Since the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies (IMCEERES) has been revamped and significantly expanded since last year, I created a separate forum thread. Are you as psyched as me about the programme? Are you as stressed as myself about the scholarship? Let's share backgrounds, information, tips and co-ordinate in order to have an as much as stress-free experience as possible and get to know each other! :-) I will start. I am from Greece and I am a journalist! Studied and also worked in London and t
  10. Hi, just found out this forum! I applied for the 2018-2019 intake! Extremely psyched! And stressed :-D
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